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Securely store DLT, LTO, CD, DVD, Audio/Video tapes, Laptops,
End Tab Filing, Binders and important documents.
The DDP Multi-Media Cabinets have been the quality standard in the industry for more than 25 years. No other cabinet can boast the quality, durability, warranty or versatility of the DDP Multi-Media Cabinet. The unique ALL STEEL bi-parting doorglides with ease on our special “aircraft cable track system”. The cable system is guaranteed not to break, fray, rust or corrode for the life of the cabinet. Other features of DDP Multi-Media Cabinets include, 1/2” increment adjustment for all components, heavy gauge steel construction, lock & keys and powder coat paint finish for durability and great looks.
 Available in six heights:
36″ DDP # 050-00736
O.D. 36”Hx36”Wx22”D
Internal Usable Height 27”H
66″ DDP # 050-00766
O.D. 66”Hx36”W x 22”D
Internal Usable Height 57”H
51″ DDP # 050-00751
O.D. 51”Hx36”W x 22”D
Internal Usable Height 42.0”H
72″ DDP # 050-00772
O.D. 72”Hx36”W x 22”D
Internal Usable Height 62.5”H
60″ DDP # 050-00760
O.D. 60”Hx36”W x 22”D
Internal Usable Height 50.5”H
83″ DDP # 050-00783
O.D. 83”Hx36”W x 22”D
Internal Usable Height 74”H
Standard Cabinet Finishes:
Click on colour option to view larger image.
Beige Santex
Black Santex
Grey Santex
Component Options: View available Multi-Media Components such as Multi-Media roll-out shelves, filing drawers, shelves, laptop inserts and much more. ALL components are pre-installed exactly where you want them BEFORE your cabinet is shipped.